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Why Rexven?


Rexven has been doing e-commerce on all platforms for about 5 years and was established with a team that does it.

Rexven is a company that produces software and platforms that facilitate both e-commerce and e-commerce.

It aims to solve all the problems of e-commerce stakeholders with the largest and most reliable e-commerce ecosystem.

Its primary goal is to help people with solutions to common problems.

Who is Mehmet Tek?

I have been doing e-commerce sales, providing services and training for about 6 years.

I am the founder of 5 companies operating in the fields of e-commerce, software and marketing in America, England and Turkey.

I am one of the most successful and reliable instructors worldwide on the world's largest online course platform. I have trained 270,000+ entrepreneurs. I have 18,500+ reviews and a 4.5+ instructor rating.


Rexven is a platform that unites manufacturers and wholesalers, entrepreneurs who do or want to do e-commerce, as well as service providers such as cargo, logistics, intermediate warehouse and accounting.