Amazon Arbitrage Product Finder Tool

Find products with price differences between the USA and Canada with a single click among thousands of products

Start selling immediately by taking advantage of the price difference


Why Online Arbitrage?

  • Can be done with low capital.

  • It is a less risky and sustainable business model compared to dropshipping.

  • It's easier than creating your own brand (private label).

  • Sales can be made without the need for advertising and giveaways.

  • You can quickly start selling and generate cash flow.

  • With the compounding effect, capital can be quickly expanded.


What is the Online Arbitrage business model on Amazon?

The arbitrage business model is, in a nutshell, the practice of sourcing products at a lower price from the market and reselling them at a higher price. Online arbitrage on Amazon involves buying products on Amazon or other online stores at a lower price, then listing and selling them in our own store. By joining Rexven, you can access not only the tools but also comprehensive arbitrage training.


Amazon Online Arbitrage
How is it done between the USA and Canada?


First, open an Amazon buyer and seller account.

Find products with price differences in the USA and Canada with a single click using the Rexven arbitrage tool.

Analyze the products with price differences you have found.

Purchase 5-10 units of the products you've identified.

Send the products to intermediate storage locations like ShippingGarage, Prepshipping.


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